Bringing your car, truck, or SUV to a service center for routine maintenance not only ensures that it’s running as it should, but it can also help save you money. Learn more about how proper car care can increase your savings.

Save With Regular Vehicle Care

The most obvious way preventative maintenance saves you money is in repairs, but you can also boost fuel economy by up to 4% with a few routine trips to the service department at Thompson Buick GMC. While routine maintenance may seem like a hiccup in your schedule, it can prevent costly hiccups in fuel economy down the road.

Below are three types of service that can also reduce the likelihood of costly repairs:

Oil Changes

Oil tends to get murky and thick at the end of its life, burning off quickly with the increased friction and heat within your engine. Regular oil changes help prevent damage to the most important part of your vehicle: the engine. If you have a carbureted engine rather than a computer-controlled engine, getting the filter changed regularly can help as well.

Tire care

Increase your mpg by keeping your tires in tip-top shape. Tire rotations help the tread wear evenly across all four units. Pressure checks help ensure your tires aren’t running low on air. Opt to rotate a full-size spare tire into the mix to increase the lifespan of your tires. Also, keep in mind that overinflated tires increase the likelihood of a flat while you’re on the road.  

Brake/Wiper Checks

Put safety first with regular brake, wiper, and washer fluid checks. Keeping these elements properly maintained not only minimizes premature wear on the drums, rotors, and wheel cylinders and keeps your windshield free and clear, it also helps keep you, your passengers, and others on the road safe.

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